The branch

A branch is a secure, private space within the Thicket network, providing an online home for communication and collaboration between members

Screenshot of the branch
  • Security

    SSL encryption and multiple data redundancies keeps your private information secure
  • Chat

    Real-time chat with other members through open or closed topics
  • Comments

    Members can comment on files and posts, leaving important suggestions and criticism
  • Documents & tasklists

    Create collaborate documents and tasklists to set goals and work productively
  • Email notifications

    Everyone on your team stays on-track and connected
  • File uploads

    Files can be shared publicly and receive votes and comments
  • Intelligence

    Ping members in your branch Preview and edit Google Docs without leaving the branch Watch YouTube videos seamlessly View image files and PDFs online

Upgrade to Thicket PRO

Unlimited searchable messages, file storage, members and the features below:

  • Branded

    See your team's real name and logo on your branch
  • Integrations

    Easily import your Google Drive and Dropbox into topics on Thicket
  • Nested branches

    Nested branches hold relevant content for a smaller group of members
  • Exports

    Create compliance exports (private messages and data) with your branch's data

Partner with us

Interested in a formal partnership with Thicket for your institution? Create a branded collaborative network with all the features of Thicket PRO, tailored to your organizational needs.

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